Conscious Permaculture Course, Italy

8 May – 31 May 2015, Conscious Permaculture with Benjamin Dunn, Italyitaly flyer_A4

A unique course of practical self-reliance and conscious connections 

Join us for the full three-week retreat – – or for one of the weekend workshops.

The Conscious Permaculture course has two general threads.

One is the practical permaculture, and in this thread we will look at starting a permaculture site from scratch, designing landscape in order to maximise output and rationalise input, and exploring ideas for a sustainable retrofit of an existing family home. This part of the course will be led primarily by our guest facilitator, Benjamin Dunn, with Robert Norris in a support role.

The second thread is the conscious connections, where we want to build a coherent and dynamic connection between fields of knowledge and fields of practice. We will provideguidance and teachings on consciousness, and our purpose will be to give you direct experience of, for example, how soil and soul are deeply connected, and how connecting consciously between dimensions is a way to become a creator in your own life. This part of the course will be led by Shelly Sharon, with Robert in a support role.
The teachings will be delivered in English with Italian and Hebrew translations provided by Robert and Shelly as needed.

Our aim is to create a bridge between knowledge and practice, between the fields of expertise and expansion, and our emphasis is firmly on direct experience. The retreat format is a supportive context in which to step back from daily life and allow a transformative experience to take place. It will allow you to mature an experience that will stay with you long after you have returned home.

During these three weeks you will be able to take things very much in your stride, with formal workshops at the weekends and the week-days given over to work on the land and self-practice, with loose guidance from the facilitators. There will also be visits to local farms and producers, as well as guided tours and walks – so plenty of fun and surprises to look forward to.

The weekend workshops can also be treated as stand-alone events, for those of you who cannot get away during the week. If you are interested mainly in gaining new knowledge alongside some consciousness practice you are welcome to join us for any or all of the four weekends. The focus will be on classroom teachings on the theory of permaculture and consciousness workshops.

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